Wellness Massage

25 MIN. $50 • 50 Min. $75 • 75 Min. $100

A traditional, invigorating massage that uses regulated pressure to release knots and tensions in the body. Stimulating, strong movements effectively ease a tired, aching back and limbs. 


Maternity Massage

50 MINUTES $75 • 75 MINUTES $100

This sophisticated massage incorporates the use of advanced massage techniques while using aroma therapies to calm your mind and body.


Hot Stone Massage

50 MINUTES $100 • 75 MINUTES $125

Warm volcanic stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands combined with aromatic oils. 


Oncology Massage

50 MINUTES $75 • 75 MINUTES $100

A form of bodywork that supports a person who has lived with or is undergoing therapies; the massage is designed to enhance the healing process throughout the various stages of cancer and recovery. Oncology Massage respects the body's limits and the compromised conditions resulting from cancer and its treatments. Oncology Massage promotes and honors the healing process while strictly avoiding any re-traumatizing of the body.


Restore: Hand & Foot Treatment

30 MINUTES $75

The hands and feet are an often abused area of the body. This treatment utilizes aromas and moisturizing products to restore them.


Revive: Neck, Scalp & Face Treatment

30 MINUTES $75

This treatment uses oils to revive muscles in the neck, scalp and facial areas where physical and emotional stress most often appear.


Replenish: Back Treatment

30 MINUTES $75 

The back is the most neglected and hardest-to-reach part of your body. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, hot towels, and moisturizing therapy.


Refresh: Leg & Foot Treatment

30 MINUTES $75 

This treatment exfoliates the entire lower legs and feet, a soak for the ultimate refreshing and a luxurious foot cream which is especially good for dry cracked heels.


Chair Massage

Per MINUTE $1 

We only do chair massages during the hours that are available. First come, first serve. 


For reservations or information:

We're located in Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center at 3608 Springhurst Blvd Louisville, KY 40241